Why Work with Me?

Do you wish you could just follow the advice to:

  • Meditate
  • Manifest
  • Get grounded
  • Chill the F. Out
  • Let it go
  • Move on
  • Adapt and overcome
  • Focus on the good

But you always end up feeling like…how do I do that?

Do you (desperately) want to be mindful, present and at peace with whatever occurs?

Do you admire those who can forgive and let go, but find it difficult to do this yourself?

Do you have fleeting times of joy and happiness, but lose your grip due to worry and self-sabotage?

Are you convinced you don’t deserve peace and happiness because you can’t seem to hold onto it?

A few years ago, I would have answered yes to all of those questions. (And still do at times!)

But things got bad enough for me to break that pattern—I started reading books, taking classes and seeking out mentors. I learned some simple techniques that I use every day to maintain my sense of peace—and I can teach them to you, too.

It starts with self-acceptance—when you know yourself and accept yourself, you can be your own source of love, compassion and validation.