Spiritual Six Pack

This program is like hiring a personal trainer—for your mind and spirit.

A Spiritual Six Pack is a set of mindset techniques and acquired skills that provide you with confidence and resilience in any situation.

You will learn and master techniques in energy management, chakra health, and self-acceptance and we will create your custom spiritual self-care plan, full of the techniques and practices that resonate and work specifically for you.

A Spiritual Six Pack is just like a physical six pack that you build at the gym. By working hard to build that strentgth, you can draw upon it anytime you need confidence and resilience.

With a Spiritual Six Pack, you will enjoy:

  • The ability to set and hold boundaries
  • Self-confidence in all situations
  • Spending time on your passions without feeling guilty
  • Authenticity in all your relationships
  • Attracting the perfect people and things into your life

Before working with Erika I was struggling with low self worth and many medical issues. Erika has a gifted way of searching and developing a plan that is unique to each person’s need at that moment. With her help I was able to find value in myself and make a determination to regain my health. I was able to lose 50 pounds.

This journey would not have been successful without the guidance Erika tailored for me. Erika really listened because she truly cared about who I was as a person. I am so thankful Erika is part of my life.”

Deb R.