Enneagram-Based Interpersonal Group Coaching

This program is designed for small to mid-sized groups who want to learn more about themselves and others through the Enneagram with a goal of enhanced communication and conflict management.

Each person will have a 1:1 Enneagram Typing Session with me, then we meet as a group for a 1-2 hour session to discuss how the different Types interact, depending on differences in communication style, conflict management and default behaviors.

Participants in these sessions report enhanced insight into themselves and others, leading to self-confidence, levity and improved interpersonal interactions among the group.

It was helpful for me, and probably my coworkers, to have me “explained”.  We are who we are after all 😉 not that we can’t work on ourselves still.

It was interesting that I sat next to a coworker who is pretty much my polar opposite, yet we work well together, and now maybe she won’t take my “direct approach” so personally and maybe I will be a bit more sensitive to her “sensitivity”. It was also helpful, or at least interesting, to see another coworker who is my same Type, an 8, appear to be so different from me. She can certainly be direct, but I think she holds back much that she would like to say.

Overall, it was reassuring to learn more about my Type, an 8 wing 7, mostly because it broke the myth that we are only direct and tough, when in reality, we are extremely caring and do for others.”

Sue S.