Everyday Practices

Practice makes progress.

These Everyday Practices provide easy, relevant and helpful techniques that take a few minutes and will fit into even the busiest life.

Finding the time every day to practice mindfulness, boundary setting, mental strength, chakra health and energy management will benefit your emotional, mental and physical health and have a positive effect on all parts of your life.

A Daily Practice is 2-3 acts of self-care that you do every day, helping you be the best version of yourself, as often as possible.

A Daily Practice will help you maintain balance.

When you make yourself a priority and provide your body and mind with what it wants and needs, you build physical and mental strength, leading to ease and flow in your relationships and daily life .

When you are the best version of yourself as often as possible, you naturally focus on self- care and the things that support your goals and happiness.

Build your Daily Practice in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Download my “Build Your Daily Practice Worksheet”.
  2. Start with what you know.
    • What are your favorite activities?
    • What lights you up?
  3. What makes your body and mind feel their best?
    • Include everything, even if it’s not a favorite activity, like flossing or stretching.
  4. Try some practices and take note of the effect
    • Commit to trying a new practice for 1-2 weeks
    • Keep a journal about the experience
  5. Choose 2-3 practices that you will commit to doing every day.
    1. ________________________________________________
    2. ________________________________________________
    3. ________________________________________________