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Find peace, contentment and joy in your relationships and everyday life.

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Hello, I’m Erika

I am:

  • A coach.
  • A mentor.
  • A fellow human who works to overcome my own struggles everyday.

I use the Enneagram to help my clients learn about themselves, and others, in a fun, lighthearted way, enhancing their interactions with themselves, and everyone else!

By learning about yourself and others, you will naturally:

  • Resolve conflict more easily
  • Improve your communication across the board
  • Feel good about your interactions with others

This will increase your confidence and resilience in any situation, because you are strong enough to bend, instead of break or crumble under pressure.

When you know, understand and accept yourself, you can be your own source of:

  • Validation
  • Compassion
  • Love

You can release what it not yours to carry:

  • Responsibility
  • Burdens of others
  • Heavy emotions, like shame, guilt and regret
  • Old stories

This allows you to focus on yourself and what is important to you.

What is amazing about this is that you will still likely put your energy toward the same things, like your family, career and passions, but when it’s your choice, you feel good about it, and the feelings of burden and responsibility are lifted.

These skills will help you enjoy your life and be present, accepting the good things as they come while knowing you are strong enough to get through the tough times, too.

Work with me and learn how to find your peace, contentment and fun.

Erika is an astonishingly talented coach. She taught me so much about how my mental state affects the rest of my body and my energy. I learned about meditation and stress management in new ways—that actually work. But what makes her an amazing coach to me is that she never once made me feel like a failure.”

—Claudia C.